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Have you been arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct? Are you currently facing serious criminal allegations involving a sex crime or sexual conduct? Has a friend or loved one been charged with a criminal sexual conduct charge in Oakland County?

If so, you will need to retain effective legal counsel immediately. Without professional help, you could be facing very real, very serious repercussions for years to come.

We are prepared to do everything possible to fight the charges against you, helping you to avoid a conviction and permanent shadow on your reputation. Our Oakland County criminal defense lawyer is ready to listen to your story and deliver a customized defense strategy.

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At The Marcel Benavides Law Office, we have a proven history of victories. As a former prosecutor and well-respected trial lawyer, Attorney Benavides has more than 15 years of legal experience. He has the skills and resources you need to defend yourself against criminal sexual conduct charges in Detroit. Don't hesitate to find out how we can defend you.

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We understand what is at stake in these types of criminal matters. With our Oakland County criminal sexual conduct attorney at you side, you will not be alone at any time. We have the results and the satisfied clients to prove that we can be trusted as your legal advocates.

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The Michigan penal code defines criminal sexual conduct as any contact with a person who is coerced, forced, or threatened against their will to engage in an erotic act, such as rape. It can also include inappropriately touching someone without their consent.

A sexual misconduct charge could be leveled against someone for accusations of statutory rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual harassment, and more. These charges are usually made against individuals who hold positions of authority, such as teachers or legal guardians.

No matter who you are, however, any type of sex crime allegation can result in life-changing implications, including emotional, financial, psychological, professional, and legal consequences.

You could be facing serious penalties such as:

  • Heavy fines
  • Prison sentence
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Sex offender registration

If you are facing charges for criminal sexual conduct, you need to seek legal representation from our criminal defense attorney in Oakland County as soon as possible. Not only is your liberty at stake, but your whole future could be at risk. You need to find a skilled legal advocate who will tenaciously defend your every right in the face of criminal sexual conduct allegations.

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Our firm is well-connected with the prosecutor's office and bench, and we have helped many of our clients clear their good names or reduce their charges. We are confident in our ability to help you too. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can start preparing a strong defense for your case. Our criminal defense lawyers proudly serve Birmingham, Oak Park, Southfield, Detroit, and all of Oakland County!

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