Traffic Offenses

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Traffic Charges Defense Lawyer Detroit, MI | Marcel Benavides Law - criminal-defense-traffic-crimes-stopThe Number of Traffic Offenses Drivers Can be Guilty of Committing Almost Seems too Many to Count

Many of these offenses appear inconsequential enough, but police officers are always watching and won't hesitate to attach points to your driver's license. Get enough points and your ability to drive will eventually suffer. Why take a chance? Retain our Oakland County traffic offense attorney for hard-hitting representation that won't quit until your case is resolved the right way.

Protect Your License – Understanding Michigan’s Point System for Traffic Offenses

When a police officer pulls you over and writes you a ticket, you'll be faced with a fine based on the severity of your traffic offense. Even more serious, however, are the points your license could incur as a result. The number of points you receive depends on the severity of your offense.

Points for some of the most common offenses include:

  • Six points: manslaughter, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, eluding a police officer and refusing to take a chemical test.
  • Four points: drag racing, operating while visibly impaired, 16 MPH or more over the legal speed limit and failing to yield to emergency vehicles.
  • Three points: careless driving, 11-15 MPH over the speed limit, failing to stop at railroad crossings and failing to stop for a school bus.
  • Two points: going 10 MPH or less over the speed limit, open alcohol container in vehicle and any other moving violations of traffic laws.

All points will stay on your record for a period of two years from the date you are convicted. If you receive four points within two years, you'll receive an advisory letter from the Secretary of State. Eight points within two years mean you'll get a warning letter. At 12 points, you must attend a driver assessment reexamination. This reexamination is thorough and can result in a suspended, restricted, or revoked license.

Don’t Plead Guilty! Get the Advice and Answers You Need Now – Call for Your Consultation

Drivers tend to think that their only option is to plead guilty, pay the fines, and deal with the points, but this is not the case. It is critical that you retain an experienced attorney who can help you successfully fight your ticket by pleading not guilty. Our firm has over 15 years of experience and can aggressively represent you in trial whether you live in Oakland County, Wayne County or Macomb County. We proudly provide service to all of Michigan and the Detroit Metro area, including Birmingham, Oak Park and Southfield. Whether you've been charged with a simple speeding ticket or something as serious as manslaughter, don't hesitate to get in touch with our firm. Our clients deserve the best and we do everything to deliver.