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Top Criminal Defense Attorney: Metro Detroit, MI | Marcel Benavides - homeAt The Marcel Benavides Law Office, We Recognize How Stressful it can be to Face the Criminal Justice System

We strive to come up with an effective defense that is tailored to fit the unique needs of the clients we represent. Whether you are facing charges at the state or federal level, you can rest assured that we have the skills, experience and resources necessary to assist you.

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  • 1000's of clients defended
  • Proven track record of success
  • Former prosecution experience
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Choose an Attorney Who Truly Takes the Time to Get to Know Your Case and Build a Solid Criminal Defense

Depending on your situation, being convicted of a criminal offense could lead to a number of serious penalties. You could face years in jail, fines, license suspension, and more. In order to increase your chances of receiving such penalties, you need a veteran defender on your side. At our SE Michigan firm, we will take the time to know you so we can craft an individualized defense. It is through these tailored strategies that our criminal defense attorney has built up a successful track record.

We are ready to provide personalized legal support for your unique case. You have rights, and it is important that you become familiar with these rights. Regardless of how complex your situation may seem, we stand ready to aggressively protect your future.

Personal Attention and Communication Are Key to a Successful Criminal Defense

Marcel Benavides understands the importance of delivering personal attention and open communication, and he personally handles every case. If a lawyer takes a one-size-fits-all approach to fighting your charges, then you stand little chance of adequately reducing your charges, much less getting them dismissed. At The Marcel Benavides Law Office, we know that there are many people who are falsely accused, due to a simple misunderstanding of the law, or because of flaws in the system. Whatever your case, you can rely on our tenacious and aggressive representation. Don't hesitate to find out how we may be able to help you. Call us today!

Whenever Possible, We Can Also Help Our Clients Get Their Convictions Expunged

What is an Expungement?

In short, an expungement means that the public cannot access any records related to your crime. More specifically, expungement means that your records (relative to a single conviction) will be permanently sealed and unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. Within the United States, expungement is a process that varies by jurisdiction. Many states allow criminal records to be sealed (or expunged), some allow expungement under very limited circumstances, and some states do not permit expungement at all. 

In Michigan, the state allows an individual to have one felony or misdemeanor conviction sealed, but you must meet certain criteria for it to be allowed. For example, you may not have your records expunged if...

  • The maximum sentence for the crime is life in prison, even if you received a lesser sentence.
  • You were convicted of committing or attempting to commit a sex crime.
  • The conviction was traffic-related.
  • You have additional convictions, other than up to two minor offenses, on your record.

You must also wait five years after your conviction (or release from prison) before your records are eligible to be expunged. Once you have had one adult conviction set aside, you are no longer eligible for any future expungements.

Once a record has been sealed or expunged, all details of an arrest, as well as any subsequent court proceedings, are removed from the public record, and the individual may legally deny or fail to acknowledge ever having been arrested for, or charged with any crime that has been expunged.

Why are expungments valuable?

It can be hard to land a job, obtain professional licenses, or qualify for financial aid if you have a criminal record, especially a felony conviction. Michigan allows you to have one conviction expunged, or set aside, so that it will NOT show up in a background check. It's important to understand that the State of Michigan offers this as a privilege, not a right. This is why it's imperative you seek the advice and representation of a skilled attorney.