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Retaining Marcel as my attorney was the start of a significant and positive direction in my life. He talked straight with me, and treated me as if I was the most important case he's ever had. He was able to get me a reduced sentence, despite having one of the toughest judges in Oakland County.
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Police Misconduct Results - Obtained One of the Highest Settlements Paid in the State of Michigan

Police Misconduct - Framed for Murder (Malicious Prosecution)

Result: Client was found 'not guilty' and received a six-figure settlement.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Detroit, MI | Marcel Benavides Law Firm - case1

Our client was framed by Pontiac police officers for the attempted murder of a police officer. He went to trial in the criminal case and was found not guilty of all charges. Charges that would have put him in prison for nearly 40 years. We alleged in our civil lawsuit that the main officer lied in his police report, lied to the prosecutor, lied on the stand at the preliminary examination, and even on the stand at the trial. We conducted our own investigation and proved that the officer lied about where our client originally ran and "threw" a gun… that was because the officer who lied was not aware that our client was wearing a global positioning satellite device (GPS tether) from an unrelated criminal matter. This tether tracked him running in a different direction. Our client was vindicated in his criminal trial and this matter was settled for well over six figures.

Police Brutality - Use of Excessive Force

Result: Client received a six-figure settlement.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Detroit, MI | Marcel Benavides Law Firm - case3

Our client was tasered and punched numerous times by the officers simply because he did not wish to engage in a conversation with one of the officers. Numerous officers broke into his home and attacked him while he held his daughter. Our client called all of the attorneys on TV and they all told him nobody would ever believe him. I believed him and recovered nearly six figures for him.

Criminal Defense Results - We Don't Give Up Until Every Detail Of Your Case is Explored


Criminal Sexual Conduct - First Degree

Result: All charges dropped.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Detroit, MI | Marcel Benavides Law Firm - case2

My client was under investigation for alleged conduct that mandated decades in prison. The allegations against my client were extremely harsh. Once retained, I was able to conduct a thorough investigation prior to the detective presenting the case for charges to the prosecutor's office. Our very own investigation of text messages, online social media, digital media and other evidence allowed us to prove that the complaining witness lacked credibility and no charges were approved and/or issued by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

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Experienced Michigan Criminal Defense and Police Misconduct Attorney in Detroit, MI

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At The Marcel Benavides Law Firm, our team is committed to the practice of criminal defense, civil rights and police misconduct law in SE Michigan. We recognize how complicated these fields of law can be, and we do everything we can to ensure the rights of every client we represent are protected. At our firm, we are proud to have over 15 years of experience in handling these types of complex cases.

By choosing The Marcel Benavides Law Firm, you can benefit from:

  • 15+ years of trial advocacy experience
  • Insider's perspective into law enforcement proceedings
  • Working with an attorney who is highly recommended by clients
  • Experience backed by thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases
  • A proven record of success in and out of court

We Specialize in Getting Justice for Police Misconduct

Do you feel that you have been on the wrong side of law enforcement procedures? The Marcel Benavides Law Firm is proud to offer representation to individuals who have been the victim of police misconduct. Our founding attorney has experience as a former in-house legal counsel for the Chicago Police Department.

During this time, our attorney was involved defending officers who were accused of misconduct. This insider's view and unique understanding of law enforcement proceedings can be beneficial to individuals who have been the victim of false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force, or police brutality. We offer a contingency-only fee contract for police misconduct victims, meaning you don't pay us unless we win.

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